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Healing Mind Body & Spirit in Love and Light of Angels

Angelic Healing Course Details:

During this one day workshop the individual will be attuned to the colored healing rays of seven Archangels: Archangel Michael - The Blue Ray, Archangel Raphael - The Green Ray, Archangel Gabriel - The White Ray, Archangel Uriel - The Gold Ray, Archangel Jophiel - The Yellow Ray, Archangel Zadkiel - The Violet Ray, Archangel Chamuel - The Pink Ray

After the attunement the individual will have a permanent connection with the Archangels. This means that guidance and healing from the Archangels will be easier to tune into. The attunement also enhances intuition and healing. The course includes an Extensive manual.

Angelic Healing Course Fee: Please contact

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Content for Angelic Healing:

·         Engaging and communicating with the Angels

·         Healing through the use of the Archangels sacred colors

·         Angelic healing for self

·         Angelic healing for others

·         Healing with visualization

·         Meditation skills

·         Connecting with your Personal Guardian Angel    
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