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  I was going through the worst phase of my life. Almost for a year and a half, I was just going mad not knowing what to do How to handle the things the situation just wanting to kill myself. And after one and a half year, Dr. Prachi came into my life. It was truly a blessing in disguise, coming to me in a very sweet and approachable way. Nobody does for strangers, the things that Dr. Prachi has done for me. There are layers she's able to uncover and reach down to the care.
Apart from that her caring and positive ability to guide you makes it a charming journey into mind and matter.  I am very blessed Dr Prachi, that you came into my life and I know it were the divine energies who guided me to come and meet you. You have made great difference in my life; you are my guide, my mentor, my advisor, my guru and last but not the least my best friend.
The violet flame healing attunement that I received from you was tremendous! The way you teach is way engrossing for the students. The detailed explanation is really commendable. Thank you for introducing violet flame healing into my life. And the Mediumship Session that I had with you yesterday was simply the best. It was mind-blowing! Dr Prachi I am not trying to flatter you Believe me there can be no medium as best as you. You are simply the best and this I am telling you from my precious experience. I will never ever forget what I experienced yesterday through your session I will never forget the experience of you connecting to my deceased loved ones and passing on their messages to me. For this, I shall always be indebted to you for my many many lifetimes. Nobody other than you could have made this session a success. Dr. Prachi you are the best and incomparable. Please be with me always otherwise it will become impossible for me to continue this journey. Thanks a lot!
    Neeru Alag,
      Mediumship Client & Healing Student

 Prachi is a thoughtful, caring and talented healer. Her mastery allows the body to unlock its hidden power to heal and transform itself.  I met her when I had lost all hope and faith.  The combination healing of Hypnosis, Crystals and Angelic healing she gave me helped me to breakthrough emotional blocks without fear. The benefits of her work are amazing; I truly think she’s gifted.”

Prachi’s healing touch and intuitive wisdom helped to initiate my own healing process. Prachi creates a space in which it is safe to open to your true self. I experienced healing of physical pain in my body and the release of old wounds and fear based perceptions. Through the tips that she gave me for my day to day life, I have experienced much joy, happiness and love. Prachi is a beautiful being of light and energy.

Prachi has made a believer out of me." 

     Jaya Doshi
        Healing Client

The magical and wonderful Energy of Reiki was introduced to me by Prachi and life has not been the same since. I feel like there is a positive cloud of protection always around my family because of her. She is always there in spirit and I think I connect to her on a higher level than simple conversations. She draws that from her warm and loving personality and the amazing healing energies of Reiki. 
Prachi is a wonderful teacher, patient and assuring. I was really skeptical, if I would manage to learn such an art like healing...... But with her guidance and constant faith in not just herself and her energies but also in me, I have accomplished something that will help me in the years to come. If I am ever unsettled about the way things should be done concerning domestic issues, my personal life or my children, she is just a phone call away and everything goes back to normal.  I would love to pursue the second degree with her and look forward to the same.


    Kiran Sawhney
       Energy Cleansing Client & Healing Student

After consulting with astrologers and psychics for past 8 to 10 years, I am so grateful that I met Prachi. She tells you nothing but the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear. Over time, things she told me in my reading session that I did not believe were accurate turned out to be very true and accurate. She is the most ethical and honest psychic I have encountered. Prachi gives you the information you need to create the life that you want, instead of allowing life to happen to you. Thank you, Prachi. You are the best!

    Suchita A. Pai
       Divination Client

Some people come into our lives for a Season, some for a Reason and some for a Lifetime…

Prachi is someone who came into my life because we were destined to meet… [Our bond is beyond this lifetime…]  The Law of Attraction materialized our Interaction and all I have in my heart for her is a deep sense of Gratitude…..She has been and is my pillar of strength, she makes life worth living and takes away all my doubts, worries and fears…Her sense of fairness is commendable in a day and age that thrives on exploitation and manipulation…

She consistently and conscientiously works to usher in positivity into people’s lives, she teaches us to believe in the good, she tells us how life is worth living irrespective of what happens, she enables us to see the inner good rather than judge the outside world.

To me, she has been my driving force, my guardian angel, my well-wisher and someone who restores my faith when the going gets tough...She has been there for me anytime even without me going to her, she is not commercial and has only my best interest at heart, a quality so rare in today’s KalYug….She has helped me realise that I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience not the other way round…

I wish and pray that only the best of life happens to her because she deserves that and much more….

Thank You Prachi for making this journey a Celebration and teaching me that the aim of my soul is to attain its highest potential in every birth I take…

With Gratitude & Love

    Shahnaz Doongaji,
       Divination Client & Healing Student

Do you know a person who lives for herself & even for the world......?

Well I think I do, it's Prachi. She's very kindhearted, generous & a very friendly person by nature. She has tremendous energy & potential & is highly proactive at such a young age. She deserves a PhD in relating to people. Her healing work is amazing! If you are open enough to the changes that light and energy work can bring, and can trust in your body’s own wisdom, then Prachi could very well be the person to help you achieve your optimal level of well-being on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.  I wish her all the best for her future endeavor…

    Chetan Nagwekar
       Healing Client

I am writing this note because I want people to know how awesome Prachi truly is. In Prachi I have found an amazingly accurate advisor and also a friend that I can talk to and confide in. She is honestly one of the nicest people I have encountered, and she genuinely cares.
Even if our time runs over, she finishes our reading and never leaves me wondering. She is so thorough in her readings that you will feel refreshed after speaking to her....almost like a new person. I swear she keeps me sane. Thank you again, Prachi!
    Sarita Swaminathan
       Divination Client

Meeting Prachi ma'am was a blessing in disguise which I got from the Divine powers. I never had really interacted with anyone like her in my life till I met her. She has always thought about me and helped me without thinking of any returns. It’s very hard to meet people like her; in fact one should be really fortunate to meet Prachi ma'am.

I am sure everyone who has come in touch with her; she must have turned them and their lives worth living. I can say that because she created the same magic for me. And even after helping everyone she never takes the credit. I have seen people going to any extent to take credit in their name. She is different from all of us, she is Divine....

Prachi ma'am has a certain charm which instantly made me give myself up to her. I was going through a horrifying phase in my life which had left me nowhere. But after her prayers and healing, I got to know that I wasn't No-where but was Now-here where my lord wanted me to be. It’s an experience which I don't really know how to describe. Prachi ma'am has been with me every day since I met her, in all my joys and all my sorrows. Most of the times I don’t even ask, but she somehow knows things aren’t going well and she sends healing and prayed for me. All I can say is only one thing, Thank You....

Thank you for everything Ma'am...

    Maithilee Pavashe
       Divination Client

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