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Divination Session with Dr. Prachi Gaokar

During the Psychic Reading session, I will take the guidance from your angels and guides and will answer any questions that you have, helping you to see what your options are and how to make your life become what you want it to be.  I will empower you to take control of your destiny instead of leaving it in the hands of fate. My readings are a combination of Clairvoyant (clear vision), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Crystals, Runes, Pendulum, Tarot cards, Angel Cards and Numerology. These are done over a 60 minute period. Questions may be asked regarding your career, health, job, business, relationships, house, property, travel, and in fact concerning all areas of your life or your loved ones’ lives.

I will tell you what I see, I give truth only and I will deliver all my messages with compassion good or bad. We all have free will and can change the outcome of a reading with our own choices. Life is all about choices and paths we take. My readings are based on the path you are currently on.

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