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 Violet Flame Healing Course Details:

Violet Flame Healing primarily has two levels: Practitioner's Level and Master's Level.

Practitioner's Level:

During this workshop the student will be attuned to the transmuting healing energy of the Violet flame coming from the Seventh Ray. On completion of this course, the individual will be qualified practitioner of Violet Flame Healing and can heal his/her own self or others through hands on healing practice or absent healing practice. The course includes an extensive manual.

Being attuned to the Violet Flame transforms the individual in several ways. After the attunement, most people feel more at ease with themselves and have more compassion for others. The Violet Flame corresponds with the crown chakra, and helps the individual to engage and connect with their higher self. The Violet Flame also consumes karmic debris, helping the person to break free from the bondage of the lower self.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Content for Violet Flame Healing:

·         The History of Saint Germain

·         The Violet Flame

·         Mantras & Decrees

·         Violet Flame Healing Visualizations

·         Healing The Self

·         Healing Others

·         Healing Karmic Debris

·         Your Attunement

Mater's Level:

    During this workshop a student qualified to practitioner's level in Violet Flame Healing is taught the process of attuning others to the transmuting energy of the Seventh Ray. After this course Practitioner becomes a Master of Violet Flame Healing and can teach and attune others the techniques of Violet Flame. 

     This course can only be done after 3 months of learning Practitioner's course. The student has to be thorough with the practice of Violet Flame Healing before applying for this course. The course includes an extensive manual.

·         Attuning Others in Person

·         Distance   Attunement Process                                  Know More about Violet Flame Healing


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