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Naturopathic Consultation with Dr. Prachi Gaokar

In my first session, I spend an hour talking with you to have a detailed history of your health issues and patterns. I feel it is important to concentrate on both the physical and the emotional issues. This helps me to understand the causes of your symptoms and to prescribe the best treatment for you. With your participation, I develop an individualized health plan. This may include the prescription of flower essences, dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Depending on your circumstances, follow-up consultations of half an hour are usually required. This helps me to adjust the treatment according to your response and to take the treatment to a deeper level, if indicated. Often there is not time to discuss everything in the first consultation, and it also gives you an opportunity to ask further questions.

Naturopathic treatment is gentle and gradual and, while you will nearly always have a positive response after the first session, it is important to allow time for your body to get back into order, especially if you have had health problems for a number of years. The treatment is a process rather than a quick fix.

I do not insist that you keep on coming back for consultations indefinitely; it totally depends on the depth of your health issue. Sometimes, you indeed need only one consultation.    

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