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What is naturopathy?

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinctively natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. Naturopathy is a system of treatment based on these principles that distinguish it from other medical approaches:

  • The healing power of nature – Naturopathy teaches that the body has the ability to heal itself and it is the naturopath’s role to try to facilitate this natural process in each patient.
  • Identify and treat the cause – In naturopathy, the underlying root causes of disease must be removed for a complete healing. These causes can exist at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is the naturopath’s role to identify the causes, in addition to alleviating the patient’s suffering by treating symptoms.
  • First, does no harm – The process of healing includes the manifestation of symptoms, so that any therapy that interferes with this natural healing process by masking symptoms is considered suppressive and should be avoided. The natural life force of the individual should be supported to facilitate healing and wellness.
  • Treat the whole person – One of the biggest tenets of naturopathy is the belief that mainstream medicine alone does not treat the “whole person”, and that naturopathy goes beyond treatment of symptoms and treats the entire body, as well as the spirit and mind.
  • The naturopath as teacher – It is the role of the naturopath to educate an individual in their health and lifestyle practices and encourage that individual to “take responsibility for their own health”. This cooperative relationship between naturopath and patient is essential to healing.
  • Prevention – The ultimate goal of the naturopath is preventive health. Accordingly, the naturopathic emphasis is on building health, not just fighting illness. Adjusting your lifestyle towards healthier options is our goal. Naturopathy is a wellness-focused health system.

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