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What is Divination?

From earlier times, human beings have been curious about the future. Divination, the discovery of things hidden in the past, the present, or the future by the interpretation of signs, symbols, and portents, is a means of satisfying that curiosity. The word literally means to “let the divine realm manifest.”

An oracle may be a person with special abilities to see beyond the limits of the visible world — a psychic, astrologer, or shaman. Some consider the ability to divine to be a gift from the Divine–but in fact almost anyone can be taught one or more divinatory practices. The important key is making the special bond with energies who guide you to get accurate answers.

Divination means simply making the unknown into the known. Many cultures all around the world have some form of divination tools or rituals, often ancient in age and practice. There have been many fascinating and unusual forms of divination systems used around the world and throughout the centuries. Some examples of different divination systems are the tarot, I Ching, scrying and using a pendulum.

People often misunderstand that prediction is just the process of guessing or estimating an event or action that is likely to occur at some point and that they have no control over it. However, it should be noted that prediction is a process by which a specific event can be averted by taking equivalent reaction that can prevent the impending action or event from causing any damage or change in a specific relevant area.


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