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Runes Divination Course Details: 


The Runes reveal secrets and should not be taken lightly.

Norse mythology informs us that the god, Odin discovered Runes whilst attempting to discover the secrets of life and death. The secrets of Runes are now passed to mankind for their benefit. This course explains how you can become a Rune Master and how you can become accomplished in this unique method of divination. The course includes an extensive manual and a set of Runes.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Content for Runes Divination:

·         The Origin And Meaning Of Runes

·         The House Of Freya

·         How To Use Runes

·         The House Of Hagal

·         Rune Casting

·         The House Of Tyr

·         Responsibility As Rune Counselor

·         Set of Runes  

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