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Pendulum Divination Course Details:  


This course will help you discover the potential to gain insights and answers and to verify information received.  The focus of this course is to get a practical understanding of dowsing, how to choose and work with pendulums for different purposes and develop reliable dowsing skills. Pendulum dowsing is both an art and a science: accurate, reliable and specific in some aspects and in other ways, dependent on the creativity and intuition of the practitioner.

Pendulum healing is a part of pendulum dowsing course. In this technique of healing, pendulum is first programmed and used to bring the healing effect with the help of universal life force energy. The course includes an extensive manual¸ a pendulum and charts for divination.

Pendulum Divination Course Fee: Please contact

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Content for Pendulum Divination:

·         Types of pendulum

·         Art and science of dowsing

·         Attuning to a new pendulum

·         Developing accuracy and consistency

·         Pendulum Healing

·         Applications & uses of pendulum dowsing

·         Working with maps and charts

·         Diagnose Through Pendulum

·         Aura Cleansing

·         Healing With Pendulum 

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