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How to make best of a Session?

It's advisable to sit relaxed before starting on with session.  For getting perfect answers avoid overexcitement while asking questions and do not become hyper over an unexpected response. Think about a question that you intent to get guidance about and get rid of all other thoughts.

In order to get the most out of a reading; it is in the best interest to work on your question before hand. Take a few seconds to pause and think what exactly would you like to know? Rather than limiting yourself to a Yes/No Answer.

The guidance received is more clear and accurate when it answers one issue at a time. Avoid asking about your job promotion, your marriage and your past life in one question. Not only does it confuse the energies, it also sometimes leads to unclear answers. Focused questions lead to focused answers. Trough the guidance received in the divination session we can shape our future. It provides helpful insights into your present moment and tells you about the direction your life can go if you follow a particular advice. 


              Ultimately we as human beings are responsible for our own lives, and the divination reading is simply a tool that gives us empowering knowledge. The more informed we are about our present moment, the better decisions we can make about our tomorrow. The session can lay forth your options, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, hidden influences and possible outcomes. Ultimately the decision lies in your hands, and no reading is carved in stone. 


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