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Angel Card Readings -Foundation Course Details: 


Interactive angel card reading is for getting guidance through your angels to help you in every area of life. It is the best medium to get immediate results. You can get a reading any time, day or night. These readings are based on your energy and are 100% authentic. This course just makes it convenient for you to get a reading when you want it and to get your answer without delay.

It is believed that angels everyone has their guardian angels, who are always with us. Angels are messengers, so they wait for you to speak to them, to ask them for help. The angels always answer, but sometimes we don’t hear them. An angel card reading gives you a direct answer from your angels. This course is a safe process which allows you to unlock your psychic skills and open up your intuitive gifts to gain confidence is your abilities. The beautiful Angel Oracle cards are an excellent tool of divination to give Angel readings to yourself, friends and family. This course is creative, fun and interactive. The course includes an extensive manual and a Deck of Angel Oracle cards.

Angel Card Readings - Foundation Course: Please contact

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Content for Angel Card Readings:

·         Opening Guided Meditation with the Angels

·         Protection with Archangel Michael

·         How we receive psychic information

·         How to see, hear, feel and understand Angel messages for yourself and others

·         How to give an Angel Card Reading

·         How to clear and consecrate a deck of oracle cards

·          How to quickly and easily interpret the cards’ meanings

·         Different card spreads

·         How to give reading for others 

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